• A Strong and Healthy Michigan

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Michigan House Democrats have always believed quality and affordable health care should be available to everyone — no matter their economic status.

 The COVID-19 crisis has proven that enormous disparities in our health care system can have real life and death outcomes for Michiganders whether they’re insured or not, especially those in our urban and rural communities. We must lower the cost of health care while prioritizing, protecting and expanding access to every resident in our state.

Delivering on Our Commitment

We’re proud to say that we’ve taken important steps to deliver on our commitment to build a stronger future for Michiganders. We’ve secured funding for the priorities our communities care about most, including:

$ 0 M
for additional personal protective equipment (PPE).​
$ 0 M
to support local public health and safety workers.
$ 0 M
for hospital inpatient behavioral health grants.
$ 0 M
for additional nursing home inspectors to keep residents safe.

Michigan House Democrats are committed to improving health care and expanding access by:

  • Providing free COVID-19 testing, treatment and vaccinations for all Michiganders.
  • Expanding Healthy Michigan to provide quality and affordable health care for everyone without insurance.
  • Increasing mental health access with a dedicated hotline for frontline and essential workers.
  • Providing dedicated funding to cover COVID-19 costs to continue hospital operations and the resources, equipment and staff needed in a safe working environment.
  • Establishing standards for hospitals and other health care facilities to safely reopen for routine and elective services.
  • Forming a statewide contact tracing task force and funding the program to ensure our readiness in the future.
  • Protecting and expand access to quality health care for our most vulnerable residents through the Healthy Michigan program.
  • Capping copays and deductibles to ensure that every Michigan family doesn’t just have health insurance, but can afford to use it.
  • Lowering prescription drug costs so that Michigan families are no longer forced to choose between life-saving treatments and putting food on the table.
  • Bringing oversight and accountability to big insurance and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Rebuilding our mental health care system to support healthy minds and healthy bodies.