• Access to Clean Air and Water

  • Access to Clean Air and Water Icons

Air and water quality have always has been important to the health and well-being of Michiganders. 

Protecting our natural resources doesn’t just preserve our way of life—it protects our families, too. The COVID-19 public health crisis has brought a more urgent need to ensure Michiganders have access to safe water, clean air and neighborhoods free of contamination.

Delivering on Our Commitment

We’re proud to say that we’ve taken important steps to deliver on our commitment to build a stronger future for Michiganders. We’ve secured funding for the priorities our communities care about most, including:

$ 0 M
to support two dozen community projects to repair, enhance and protect areas for outdoor recreation.

Michigan House Democrats will strengthen environmental protections by:

  • Prohibiting permit requests that would increase the amount of pollutants released into our communities.
  • Prohibiting all water shutoffs and providing a long-term funding solution to ensure clean water for all Michiganders.
  • Holding corporate polluters responsible or threatening the health of our communities and expecting them to clean up the messes they make.