• Investing in Education and Closing the Divide

  • Investing in Education and Closing the Divide Icons

The cornerstone of a strong and healthy community is access to great education.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced our students, parents and teachers to face new challenges while working to continue learning outside of the classroom.

Student success remains our key priority. Providing our teachers, educators and staff, the resources to continue educating and caring for themselves and their families is necessary for student success. All students must have the same opportunity to succeed, and resources must be equitably distributed across our state.

Delivering on Our Commitment

We’re proud to say that we’ve taken important steps to deliver on our commitment to build a stronger future for Michiganders. We’ve secured funding for the priorities our communities care about most, including:

$ 0 M
for statewide tools and resources to support Michigan's students and teachers during the pandemic.
$ 0 M
in school district grants to support the health and safety of both students and teachers. Requiring equitable technology and internet access and teacher support.
$ 0 M
for devices to improve internet connectivity for low income and rural families.

Michigan House Democrats will continue to stand with students and teachers by:

  • Requiring local school boards and ISDs to determine the learning and individual instruction.
  • Providing a one-time special education fund for reimbursement to school districts that provide tailored services.
  • Establishing a pathway for a school-based health clinic at every school.
  • Establishing continual pay and benefits for all teachers, educators, staff and hourly K-12 employees during a state of emergency shutdown.
  • Using the current early warning process to identify school districts under financial stress and providing emergency loan forgiveness or other financing options.
  • Establishing dedicated funding to reimburse educators for incurred costs for distance learning.
  • Paying teachers what they deserve so they’re able to do more than just survive while educating Michigan’s next generation of scientists, thinkers, doctors, carpenters and leaders.
  • Keeping dollars in the classroom by holding all schools to the same level of accountability and ensuring our taxes pay for student education — not bonuses for education management CEOs.
  • Limiting classroom sizes to provide students with a learning environment that fosters curiosity, creativity and individualized student support.
  • Expanding access to all levels of education through universal early education and debt-free community college or skills training.
  • Equipping students at every stage of life with the skills they need to address Michigan’s labor shortage.
  • Ensuring literacy is a right through our B.O.L.D. education plan.